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Good News Club

I had the opportunity to teach at Good News Club this past Monday afternoon, and I was blown away! We had well over one hundred children at our club, and they were full of excitement! It was awesome to hear them sing to the Lord and engage in the memory verse activity. I was amazed at how attentive they were when I taught. They interacted with me extremely well, and when they were asked review questions, it was evident that the kids had paid close attention to the Bible story.

I left Good News Club feeling incredibly grateful. I am grateful for our church investing into a local elementary school for the sake of the Gospel. I am grateful for the volunteers who give their Monday afternoon to minister to a room full of kids. I’m grateful for Merriwether Elementary allowing us to have a club in their school. I’m grateful for parents who trust us with their kids every week.

Good News Club is a great ministry, and it’s a simple way we can get outside the walls of Big Stevens Creek and engage our community. I know many of you work on Monday afternoons, but many of you do not. Could you volunteer an hour of your time to help with Good News Club on Monday afternoons? It will bless you beyond measure to serve these wonderful kids each week. Contact me if you are interested in plugging in and serving Christ through our Good News Club.

Pastor Tommy